Welcome to Hosta Hill

Abe-JarWe are a small diversified farm and food producer located in West Stockbridge, MA.  Real food, produced locally is what we are all about.  We are connecting whole foods raised humanely, ecologically, and locally with people in our community.


We use locally grown vegetables for the vegetable ferments and are starting to work with local beans for our tempeh.  You can find our products at farmers markets and stores and restaurants between the Berkshires and Boston.

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3 thoughts on “Welcome to Hosta Hill

  1. Hey – its the Piaseckis at Wise Acre Farm down the road

    Would you guys consider a goat swap? We have two goats from Rawson Brook – one is a female goat born mid-March that is somewhat aggressive and we were planning to take her to the meat market. If you have a gentle goat maybe you would want to swap with us? We would like to still have two goats so we can make cheese in a couple of years. Let us know what you think.


  2. Can we order your tempeh through mail? It is hard to get to the North Hampton for the farmer’s market on Tuesdays when you work in the suburbs of boston.

    • Yes we can work it out. I have a UPS account and would love to send you some tempeh. To make sure that you receive it in good condition (still frozen), I would overnight it, which is not cheap. Email me your address and quantities that you want and I will send you a shipping quote. If you want to continue, then we will go from there.